Who we are
We are Syrian premier marketing agency providing a range of innovative field marketing and research services designed to boost your competitive position and drive sales. With offices in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs , we offer unrivalled insight and experience when it comes to developing a unique blueprint for your brand in the market place.
Challenges inspire us. Meeting those challenges and transforming strategies is what we do.
  • Marketing Research
  • Field Marketing Services
Our Team
Our Management Team
  • Marketer
  • Active
  • Competitive
  • Impatient
Our Field Team

We call them Brand Fighters because their job is to go out and battle for the brands that we represent.

The brand fighters are selected upon strict and series of interviews

How we do it…

Our vigorous selection process scouts out the country’s most qualified and talented individuals for joining our team. With a wide range of applicants to choose from, we only select those who demonstrate themselves to be creative thinkers and efficient strategists with the practical skills and know-how for making our work as efficient and productive as possible

Our Values
We focus on providing actionable solutions to attend to key business issues enabling clients to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.
Our Attitude
Challenge Is Our Excitement
Business Model
We do not provide marketing services for clients, yet our philosophy encourage us to create new methods and approaches of field work and projects execution.