Product Launch
There’s no better way to launch a new product or to increase the visibility of an existing one than by placing it directly in the hands of the potential consumer. Our proactive team of brand fighters does this via in-store demonstrations, brand sampling and couponing.
Sales Promotions
Each promotional campaign is planned and carried out according to the brand’s image and style. Whether chic and lavish or cheerful and practical, your brand’s character will shine throughout the demonstration process.
We have the expertise and the experience to take care of everything needed to execute a successful road show event, Our brand fighters carefully plan and coordinate each show, taking into consideration every last detail. When it comes to the location, timing, presentation and promotional strategy, our team raises the competitive bar, guaranteeing our clients a cost-effective, high performance road show event.
Road Show
Bring your brand to the consumers! Road shows are an exciting and effective way of raising consumer awareness of your brand in the market’s more challenging sales areas.
Road communication campaigns
It is tactical tool to communicate certain message to the target audience.
Corporate Activities
Second Step offers an exciting range of corporate activities and it is custom made for the client request.
Merchandizing & Branding
If your brand is poorly merchandised it is costing you potential sales. Our brand fighters offer practical solutions using effective display techniques to raise the profile of your product in the market place. Effective merchandising and branding results from creative strategies and a well thought out plan. Taking the battle to the streets and the shelves, our brand fighters relieve you of the hundreds of time consuming details that come with planning that breakthrough campaign necessary for driving sales.
Success Stories
It is one of the unique marks in the history of Second Step. Those stories are remarkable and memorial in our path
Sport competition
Our expertise ranged into Sport activities. We were able to execute the Pepsi Street Football competition covering Syrian main cities and reach more 300 kids and more than 50 teams.
Sales Force outsourcing
Business Services is much more than an outsourced sales force. We are a national leader in business to business solutions for industries across the board. Many leading companies rely on Business Services for their sales force outsourcing solutions and more because we produce results that will directly affect your company's bottom line. If your company is ready to reduce its costs, while increasing revenue, then your discussion with Business Services should start now.
Brand Activation
Brand activation is not a theory; it is the right step to engage with the consumers and reach its right position in the target market. Brand activation is part of integrated communication tool that will affect directly the sales, awareness level, motivation to buy , and perception for nay product.